Mind Capsules – Avengers #33 and Outcast #2

Avengers #33

Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Artist – Leinil Francis Yu
Inker – Gerry Alanguilan
Colours – Sunny Gho

51000 years in the future, Captain America is the only member of the Avengers left to have continued on with the Time Gem.  Entering a citadel, for it is the only thing he can do, he is subjected to a painful verification and is then told that he will be transitioned to a new state of being by the Worldcore.  All the Worldcore wants is purity and perfection albeit in a way that is all wrong, and Cap will have none of it and so breaking free he goes on the attack.  And when all seems lost, the fail-safe that was implanted in Cap’s head from a previous jump makes itself known and the Worldcore is destroyed.  Hickman provides another great issue in his ongoing Avengers saga with the second to last chapter of the current arc.  Having Cap solo is fitting as the latest story started off with him alone finding out about what the Illuminati did to him.  Here, it nearly ends with Cap no closer to making a decision about what to do and instead is faced with his own conscience and having his head swimming in the words of the many societies and many peoples acquired over the various jumps in time he has made.  The concepts Hickman has been introducing into Avengers lore have been great and fantastical and so different from the norm that has been portrayed over the many years of the title.  Whether any of them survive past his tenure will remain to be seen but he has transformed the books from the mere ‘bad guys versus good guys’ status quo that has permeated them for years into something far more refreshing.  This was an absolutely fantastic book from Hickman with some great artwok by Leinil Yu to match.  Definitely a title to get if you are not doing so already.

5 out of 5

Outcast #2

Writer – Robert Kirkman
Artist – Paul Azaceta
Colours – Elizabeth Breitweiser

Kyle decides to go and see the woman who abused him for many years of his life, his mom, and tell her of his recent exploits and revelations.  She resides in a hospital, maybe conscious, maybe not, but he tells her of everything and while he does not outright stop blaming her for everything, he does so as much as he can.  After a bit, Kyle then goes into town and sees a person from his past, Donnie, who also used to beat and abuse him but for very different reasons and Kyle cannot hold back any longer, laying a beating on the man with the help of his brother-in-law.  While Donnie assumedly leaves town, the two men go and get a drink and have a heart to heart, but when it turns to talk of Kyle beating his daughter, Kyle of course swears the opposite and leaves.  While this is all going on, Kyle’s mother receives another visitor, though not the kind one would expect.  This was a fairly dramatic and slowly paced out issue, but it was left on a bit of a cliff-hanger which was great to see as it leaves the reader wanting more and needing to come back and see what happens next.  While it might have been slowly paced, it was never boring, instead being a little reminiscent of shows like True Detective or Walking Dead where it seems like little might happen, yet does if you wait for it.  So while it might be a slow burn, it seems like this book might be worth it if you hang in for the long run.

4 out of 5

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