Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #27

Somebody is killing cops.  When Moon Knight’s friend who also happens to be a cop is murdered not even a few minutes after he just had a conversation with him, something has to be done and Moon Knight is the man to do it.  His investigation takes him to police headquarters, to a run in with the Kingpin and finally to the bottom of the mystery and to the man who is to blame.  Written by Steven Grant and drawn by Joe Brozowski, the issue was a decent one, especially as it was not written by Doug Moench and it rang quite true to the character.  Also good to see was Marlene still giving Marc/Steven/Jake/MK a little grief over his continual use of multiple identities.  Even though the concept was original for its time, the use of it after so many issues has become redundant as he has a network of people working for him and can get just as much info from them as he could by dressing up and going undercover.  The best part of the entire book was seeing Moon Knight’s encounter with the Kingpin.  Though it was pretty short, it would be great to see the two meet up again and battle it out.  Not a whole lot to the book as it just seemed like a fill-in issue, but it was a good little murder-mystery nonetheless.

3 out of 5

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