Issue by Issue – Rom #14

rom14Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Sal Buscema
Inker – Sal Buscema
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – Annette Kawecki

The Mad Thinker is thinking.  He is quite interested in Rom due to the fact that with all of his schemes against his enemies going awry, perhaps having a new android in his arsenal will help him overcome where he had failed before.  Rom meanwhile is deep in thought.  He is lonely and his mind turns to Brandy Clark when the Awesome Android shows up and attacks.  Rom and the Android battle and they battle fierce while Brandy prepares for her wedding to Steve and the reporter who captured the Dire Wraiths on film is kidnapped and most likely killed when she brings the evidence to her editor who just so happens to be a Wraith.  Mantlo and Buscema continue not only the physical journey of our hero, but the emotional one as well.  In every issue there has been a great balance between the story and the action and it makes for a compelling read no matter what is taking place. The Mad Thinker is an interesting villain for our hero to go up against, but it makes sense and seems a good fit with the robot/android angle.  The Dire Wraiths may not hold as much power as they once did but still hold positions that benefit them as clearly shown.  Buscema’s pencils are as strong on this book as they were on the first issue and the book looks magnificent under his expert hands.  The Wraiths still have yet to take the shape they are most associated with these days, still looking a little ghost-like in appearance yet still slightly familiar.  A second story entitled the Saga of the Spaceknights shows a moment in Rom’s life when he was with his fellow Spaceknights and details the death of his beloved Ray-na.  For only a few pages in length, it was action-packed and moving as well.  Definitely one of the best books Marvel has ever released.

4.5 out of 5

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