Mind Capsules – ElfQuest: The Final Quest #4 and All-New Invaders #8

ElfQuest: The Final Quest #4

Writer – Wendy and Richard Pini
Artist – Wendy Pini
Colours – Sonny Strait

Angrif Djunn is not a very nice man.  He wants to kill all of the elves, especially the one who wounded him.  Ember remains his prisoner and when the Djunn kills a man who may also be his kin, she is more horrified than she ever was previously.  Meanwhile, Windkin wants to see if he can find out if Kahvi and Tyldak are all right in the afterlife while in the Palace of the High Ones.  Outside of the palace there is another group of elves are still on the run from the Djunn’s men and when it seems all might be lost, they kill the Djunn’s son.  Sadly, the combination of events causes Ember to cutoff her recognition with Teir, thinking it will protect him, when all it does is harm.  The Pini’s continue The Final Quest with another chapter in the ongoing lives of the elves in a world that is slowly becoming crowded with more and more members of the human race.  Angrif Djunn is turning into quite the sadistic character and could very well be the most formidable villain the elves have ever faced, even more so than Gromhul Djunn.  With such a large cast it is hard for any single elf or even group of elves to be in the spotlight for any length of time, and even though all of the characters are quite interesting in many respects, Cutter, Leetah and the rest of the original elves could use a little more time in the book.  Thankfully, due to the last couple of pages, it looks as if that might be a possibility for the next issue.  Lots of drama and suspense this issue keeps the book moving forward at a decent pace and the reader right along with it.

3.5 out of 5

All-New Invaders #8

Writer – James Robinson
Artist – Steve Pugh
Colours – GURU-eFX

Jim Hammond, the Human Torch, enlists Namor’s help to go on a mission to rescue Toro.  There is the slight possibility it might be trap, especially after receiving the info from a mysterious source.  Luckily that source turned out to be the Winter Soldier and so the three of them break into a secret German base knowing it might be false and finding their fears realized with Jim Hammond at the center of it all.  The Torch also finds out why Agent Coulson has been following him everywhere and the reason is not one of trust, but of thanks.  First off, Steve Pugh returns to the book after a couple of issues off and his art has never looked better.  It is definitely much more improved the first handful of books he drew in the series and if he keeps it up, it will be most welcome to have him on board.  Much like Jeff Parker on Aquaman, Robinson started the series out a little slow but with every passing issue, has finally hit his stride and has been delivering some solid tales.  Jim Hammond has always been a complex character and one worthy of having his story and roots explored and it is great to see Robinson doing so.  The blend of the past and the present works really well in this book and goes to accentuate how Hammond is as much a man out of time as Captain America is.  The next issue, what with this week’s cliff-hanger, looks like it will be quite the spectacle.

3.5 out of 5

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