Mind Capsules – Spider-Man 2099#1 and Grayson #1

Spider-Man 2099 #1

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Will Sliney
Colours – Antonio Fabela

Miguel is looking for a new apartment.  If he is going to be stuck in our time, he is going to need a place to live.  He also happens to be working for his grandfather, which in itself is a long story and can be read by yourself in various issues of Superior Spider-Man.  Aside from that, things are going all right until a Terminator-like figure shows up from the future to put an end to Miguel as he does not belong in this timeline.  It would not be a Spider-Man book unless trouble came knocking would it? David sets up the issue quite well with all of our supporting characters getting a little screen time, as well as potential enemies.  Lyla continues to be a presence in Miguel’s life which is great as she provides a little comedy relief as well as support of various kinds for our hero.  The obvious choice would be Tiberius Stone to be set up as the villain, but David leads us down another path come the end of the book.  Will Sliney delineates our hero quite well upon the page with a nice, clean, modern style, with uncluttered panels and it makes for a great reading experience.  The book is a light read and the comedy really moves it forward with a brisk pace which is good to see instead of being bogged down with exposition or unnecessary filler.  Suffice it to say, with Peter David at the helm, hijinks and action ensue and make for a very enjoyable ride.

4 out of 5

Grayson #1

Writer – Tim Seeley, Tom King
Artist – Mikel Janin
Colours – Jeromy Cox

One of the most surprising books this week had to be Grayson by Tim Seeley, Tom King and Mikel Janin.  From superheroing to espionage, Dick Grayson has seemed to make a successful transition in his career and thanks to our creative team, made for a very enjoyable story.  The book has Russian spies, secret organisations, latent powers, Helena Bertinelli and the Midnighter!  Not only that, but the book is quickly paced with its action sequences aboard a speeding train, full of fisticuffs with a battle against the previously mentioned Midnighter, sexual tension between partners and a mystery to keep us coming back for more.  The book worked on all levels and what went from a questionable title has now cemented itself as genius on every level.  Taking Nightwing out of the equation was something no one was calling for and for DC, Seeley and company, and everyone involved to put this out there was a risk.  For those that actually read the book, that risk does indeed pay off and hopefully it transforms into sales.  The book also happened to feature some fantastic artwork from Mikel Janin, who has moved on from his Justice League Dark duties to give this book the kickstart it needed on the artistic front.  Overall, this was a nice change from the Bat-family, surprising, fun and quite awesome.

4.5 out of 5

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