Mind Capsules – Iron Fist #4 and 100th Anniversary – Fantastic Four #1

Iron Fist #4

Writer- Karre Kyle Andrews
Artist – Karre Kyle Andrews

Like the former books, this issue takes place between two different time periods, the now and before now.  In the past the story focuses on Danny in his apartment feeling all down in the dumps and haunted by the ghosts of his past with his reporter friend Brenda.  In the present, he is in K’un Lun facing off against the creature that killed the dragon Shou-Lau, killed the Yu-ti, the Thunderer, and essentially killed almost everything that existed in the Hidden City.  The creature wears the mask of his father and when Danny summons the Iron Fist, he finds that it is not enough.  This was a highly charged issue packed with tension-fraught emotions and a confrontation with the past both mentally and physically by our hero, one that finds him not up to the task.  Andrews has been killing it on this book and every page, panel and word shows the amount of love he has for the character.  Some people have been saying it is a little bit of a downer, but not every story can be light and fluffy or Avengers-style action.  This is merely the first arc and it has been one incredible ride so far.  This is a book that demands attention and should it grab you, it will not let go.

4.5 out of 5

100th Anniversary – Fantastic Four #1

Writer – Jan Ven Meter
Artist – Joanna Estep

The Fantastic Four – Fantasm, Slip, Enchantress and the Human Torch – are trying to carry on where those that preceded them left off fifteen years previous after disappearing.  They suddenly receive a message which looks to be from Reed and they go and see Sue Richards on Restored Earth, the only original member left except for Ben Grimm who remains in a comatose state in a government facility.  But getting all of their eggs in one basket, Ben wakes up, Sue, Valeria and the rest of the team make things happen and Reed, Johnny, Victor and Franklin come home.  Once home, battle ensues and Restored Earth is destroyed with Sue saving everyone.  Everything about this book, from the story by Jan Ven Meter to the beautiful artwork by Joanna Estep to the little editorial capsules referencing you back to earlier issues that have yet to happen is genius.  Most importantly it is sheer fun from cover to cover.  There are the big ideas and science-fiction aspects the book is known for, the familial relationships and the light-hearted humour that make it all work perfectly.  The new team is inspired and has some interesting members related to other Marvel heroes and it is cool to see Doom a part of the family so to speak.  If the current creative team were to ever leave the book, Ven Meter and Estep would be perfect replacements.

5 out of 5

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