Issue by Issue – The Warlord #29

Warlord_Vol_1_29Writer – Mike Grell
Artist – Mike Grell
Inker – Vince Colletta
Colours – Adrienne Roy
Letters – Ben Oda

No matter where Travis Morgan goes, he is always being attacked by women.  Green women, yellow women, sometimes it could be a man or a dinosaur, but quite often he finds himself assaulted by the fairer sex.  This time it is quite by mistake as he comes across the slaughter of a village and a is attacked by a woman.  After it is cleared up, he heads on his way and comes across his former band of gladiators who first appeared in some of the first few issues of the title.  Leading the band is a former comrade who now owns the possessed battle axe that Machiste had once used.  Of course they come to blows and Morgan overcomes, destroying the axe and the man.  In a second tale, Machiste and Mariah are still in the Wizard World and must defeat a Cerberus-like beast and somehow find a way home.  The lead tale is fun and exciting while the second is almost so.  The comedy relief played by the little wizard is okay, but seems incredibly out of place in a book like this.  It is almost as if it is geared towards a younger crowd, but mixed with the violence it runs alongside with, it is an odd pairing to say the least.  Morgan is still making his way home towards Shamballah which is a good thing, but no sign of Tara this issue though she is sure to make an appearance sooner rather than later.  A decent issue from Grell, but by no means his best.

3.5 out of 5

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