Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #22

Morpheus is back, sort of.  He is still in his induced coma so that he cannot hurt anybody, but Moon Knight has a feeling that something is up and so he goes to check up on him.  Marlene’s brother Peter is having hallucinations and bad dreams and soon MK is also having some hallucinations and being attacked by a man clad in black.  What follows is a tense and action-filled drama taking place and blurring the lines between a state of dreaming and the waking world.  The artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz is dark and moody and full of electricity.  As Moon Knight and the figure in black battle it out, the fight flows from panel to panel and looks utterly stunning in its execution.  The strange visions that the people in the book have from the giant snake to the man’s face melting off to the shattered pane of glass full of eyes, make this book probably the most haunting one yet and after last issue’s less than stellar story and art, this is a breath of fresh air.  And while Sienkiewicz provides the amazing pictures in this book, it would not be complete without the atmospheric and suspenseful thriller of a story from Doug Moench.  Moon Knight might be a good fit for the street level type of stories that he is usually associated with, but this book proves that he can handle the otherworldly/mystical side of things as well.  This was a perfect book in every way with colours by Christie Scheele to top it all off.

5 out of 5

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