Mind Capsules – Sinestro #3 and New Avengers Annual #1

Sinestro #3

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Dale Eaglesham, Rags Morales
Colours – Jason Wright

Cullen Bunn introduces us to a new foe called the Pale Bishops, but that is all it is, just an introduction.  The people that Sinestro rescued from the cryo-tubes have all been resuscitated, but when he meets them, they want absolutely nothing to do with him.  It is an interesting moment in the book as it shows a weakness in Sinestro, a vulnerability for his people that can be exploited and perhaps the only one the man might have.  Sinestro’s daughter, Soranik despises him, but will not leave him alone with their people due to the past Sinestro embodies and was a key component in.  There is a memorable moment in the book when Sinestro stands against a group of slavers and when bargaining for his people, he does not offer money, only the lives of all those in the market that day.  It not only shows the strength of his character, but his resolve and furthers the plot that the book started out on, that of Sinestro trying to save what little might remain of his race.  The artwork by Eaglesham remains a high point of the book as everything looks slick and detailed.  There are complaints that his Sinestro is not the tall lanky version of the character that many have drawn in the past, but it is a small thing that can be overlooked in the larger scheme of things as his work is so gorgeous.  So far, Sinestro is a book that is off to an exceptionally strong start and will hopefully remain so.

4 out of 5

New Avengers Annual #1

Writer – Fank Barbiere
Artist – Marco Rudy

For a book entitled New Avengers, it only features one in the form of Dr. Strange.  The book takes us on a trip through the man’s history and sees him returning to Tibet and his spiritual home since he became the Sorcerer Supreme.  Both storylines find Stephen Strange on a path towards a downfall made so due to his ego.  The tale of his past finds his stubbornness and bravado lead his ego to failure while the story that takes place in the present finds those qualities leading him down the same path. But this time he decides to take measures to see that he does not, not realizing even if he succeeds, he still fails.  When first reading this without looking at the credits, it seemed like David Mack was drawing the book and it was surprising that it was Marco Rudy instead.  It looks good and the way it flows with its unconventional panel design only adds to the uniqueness of the artwork.  The story by Barbiere is entertaining and it shows that Stephen cannot escape his past or himself.  If this issue proves one thing, it is that the market needs a new Dr. Strange title on the stands.  This book is almost like a teaser towards that goal and if so, it is a cruel one as it has been many years since the Sorcerer Supreme has had a title to call his own.  Even though the book is supposed to tie into the regular New Avengers book, or at least that was the supposed premise, it does so in only one respect and that of course has to do with his use of magic which will not be spoiled here.  This was a good story, and is great for new readers, but a more relevant tale taking place in the current Marvel Universe would have been nicer to see.

4 out of 5

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