Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #1 (2010, DC)

ImageWriter – Paul Malmont, Jason Starr
Artist – Howard Porter, Scott Hampton
Inker – Art Thibert, Scott Hampton
Colours – Brian Miller, Daniel Vozzo
Letters – Rob Leigh, Sal Cipriano

In 2010, DC released the first issue of Doc Savage, a new title under their First Wave banner that would eventually see print for seventeen issues (and one digital) until it was finally cancelled as well as the entire line.  Written by Paul Malmont and drawn by Howard Porter, it would see the man return home only to be attacked by strange bolts of lightning.  It would not only be the Doc getting hit by the mysterious lightning, but every member of his team and family and those he cares about.  Said lightning is striking all and where it comes from is unknown.  All they know is that it needs to stop and they have to strike back.  The writing by Malmont is good, though very little of anything happens in this issue and what there is of it is at least fast paced and you can get through it quickly.  Porter’s work is decent but Doc Savage’s face always looks scrunched up and too small for his body a lot of the time.  It is a little distracting so hopefully it gets better as the book moves forward.  The setup is interesting and the second issue should delve a bit deeper into who or what is causing our hero and his team some consternation.  In a second story featuring Justice Inc. and starring the Avenger, Jason Starr and Scott Hampton take our defender of the underprivileged and put him in a situation of having to rescue one of his teammates.  It is suspenseful through and through and gets to the core of the character in only a few short pages which is more than the lead feature managed to do in twice as many.  All in all, the book is off to a good start though Malmont will have to do better to keep up with Starr who knocks it out of the park.

3.5 out of 5

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