Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #21

So after a number of issues detailing the globetrotting adventures of Moon Knight and friends we find our hero once again outside of New York, this time down in Haiti where he does battle with a voodoo priest named the Grand Bois and gets a little help from a friend, namely, Brother Voodoo.  As good as this book sounds, and it was half decent, it suffered in two departments.  One was the artwork.  With the absence of Bill Sienkiewicz this issue, it did not look the same, as it obviously could not though Vinente Alcazar did his best.  Sienkiewicz is a big part of the book and by him being away for the issue, the vibe was much different.  Also contributing to the overall strange feeling of this book while reading it was the dialogue by Doug Moench which almost seemed to have been written  by someone else altogether.  It is impossible to know what happened, but instead of this feeling like the modern talk and speech that was present in the book for its duration to this point, it instead felt like it was jettisoned back a couple of decades and was being written by Stan Lee at the beginning of the Silver Age.  Not that Silver Age comics are bad, but when you set a tone for the book and divert from it as wildly as this one, it makes for strange reading.  Brother Voodoo helped make it a little better, but not enough to save this issue from being one of the worst of the series so far.

2.5 out of 5

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