Mind Capsules – Original Sin #4 and Avengers #31

Original Sin #4

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Mike Deodato Jr.
Colours – Frank Martin

If you thought the ending to the last issue was a shock, then read this book as it will blow that one out of the water.  Aaron has our various teams of heroes investigating the respective threads they were sent to follow throughout the book.  The Punisher and Dr. Strange do not exactly get along, but they make a surprisingly good pair and they follow their lead to The Orb and the body of Nick Fury.  Panther, Ant-man and Emma follow the source of a mysterious signal from ten miles below the Earth to a secret satellite found circling the planet.  They also just happen to run into Dr. Strange, The Orb and the Punisher and Bucky who walks in a few minutes later with Nick Fury’s head in his hand.  Also enter Gamora, Rocket and Moon Knight and it is one big party with blows being exchanged amongst the many words trying to be uttered among the untrusting soiree.  Even though very little happened this issue, Aaron has a great way with his words that makes you hang upon every one.  Deodato’s art is still breathtaking with the best panel in the whole book being Rocket standing up to the Punisher, both of them wielding very large guns and sizing each other up.  The image is hilarious, not only in the way it looks, but if taken in context with their personalities it makes it even funnier than it really should be.  This issue had some really great stuff happening between our heroes as well as that stunning cliff-hanger to leave us wanting more for the next two weeks until the next chapter hits.

4.5 out of 5

Avengers #31

Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Artist – Leinel Francis Yu
Inker – Gerry Alanguilan
Colours – Sunny Gho

Avengers #31 finds our heroes still jumping through time, and now they have ended up 422 years further into the future.  This time though, they were expected and have landed in a cage.  The Earth has now been taken over by Ultron and robots rule all, including Asgard.  Black Widow receives some info, of which most does not make sense at the moment but will in time, and Cap is told a bunch of stuff as well as the future robot version of himself has implanted a bomb inside Cap’s body to detonate at a later time and date, just before Cap and the rest of the Avengers jump even further in time.  Another good issue by Hickman and company, but this one read incredibly fast with very little meat on the bones so to speak.  This particular story just seemed like more of a holdover until reaching the big moment that will eventually hit, though there were a few developments involving a couple of our members that was previously iterated.  It is a little hard to imagine at this point just where the book is heading, which is a good thing as being predictable is boring, but one thing that is known, if these future times are any indication, is that there are no more incursions.  Or at least there are none with Earth 616.  A good book, but not as good as previous issues.

3.5 out of 5

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