Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #20

Moench and Sienkiewicz take our hero back to New York as he follows Arsenal; known more commonly as Nimrod Strange, back across the world to his home turf where said villain wants to destroy Manhattan. Strange has an elaborate plan involving tankers, oil and a way to wipe the island off the map. Marlene also happens to still be with the terrorist, much as she would rather not be, but it is for a good cause and so she suffers it. Moon Knight eventually tracks the villain down upon one of the tankers, at first looking like he will be defeated, but in the end comes out on top with a rage he has rarely felt before. He is angry at Strange for being so evil, for having Marlene, angry at himself for allowing it to go on so long and angry that he let Marlene fall into the man’s clutches. His anger is palpable and the final battle is fierce, but justice and right come out on top. Bill Sienkiewicz delivers another solid issue of pencils that get much tighter with every passing book and much more dynamic in some instances with the panel structure. Doug Moench gives us a fast paced and suspenseful finale to a story that was just the right length, forgoing the padding to tell a very solid tale. Arsenal/Nimrod Strange does not seem as villainous as today’s costumed baddies, but if it were a real-world setting or a film, he might seem far more credible that say, the Rhino. It was good to see MK get out of the city and his comfort zone as it provided a challenge that he usually does not face, but it is even better to see him back in New York.

4.5 out of 5

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