Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #19

Moon Knight is in Lebanon ready to put a stop to Nimrod Strange before he puts a stop to our costumed crusader.  Taking out his men where possible and evading them at others, Moon Knight, Frenchie and Marlene finally make it to his stronghold but even so, it will not go as smooth as they think.  Undercover, they are greeted by the very man they are out to stop and Marlene ends up impressing him so much she becomes his new bodyguard.  With Marlene on the inside it makes it much easier for the three of them to do what they have to, but in the end, Nimrod gets away with Marlene leaving Frenchie and Moon Knight to figure out a way to do it all over again.  Another chapter in the books current arc about the ongoing tribulations of our hero by Moench and Sienkiewicz, finds Moon Knight on an international adventure and manhunt.  The book is action packed and tempers are getting frayed among our team.  Spector/Grant/MK especially is feeling the stress and has snapped at his friends more than once, but it will only let down once the mission is complete and that mission now looks to be much longer than anticipated.  Suspenseful and thrilling, Moench knows how to write a good book.

4.5 out of 5

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