Issue by Issue – The Warlord #23

ImageWriter – Mike Grell
Artist – Mike Grell
Inker – Vince Colletta
Colours – Adrienne Roy
Letters – Ben Oda

Nothing like a nice, relaxing bath, Travis Morgan is thinking, that is until he is interrupted by the sounds of a clash as some big green men are attacking the peace-loving locals.  Of course, Morgan cannot let this go as those same locals are doing nothing to defend themselves which makes it even worse.  So, after defeating the bad guys and heading back to where the good guys live, he learns that they are called the Children of Ba’al and they live a life of peace with the motto of ‘whatever happens… happens.’  Essentially.  Morgan decides he is going to help them further by taking out the generator that powers the green men’s city.  Upon returning to the surface, Morgan is betrayed and finds out he got everything completely wrong.  Mike Grell delivers up a fairly standard sword and sorcery tale with a nice little twist, though if you meet a group of people with the name ‘Children of Ba’al’ you should probably be a little wary.  It was a nice little action-adventure tale that features Morgan solo again as he is still grieving over the loss of his son from previous events with his battle against Deimos.  Good stuff as always from writer and artist, Mike Grell and nice to see that he is still working in those aspects of possible Atlantean tech too.

4 out of 5

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