Mind Capsules – Thanos Annual #1 and Batman Eternal #8

Thanos Annual #1

Writer – Jim Starlin
Artist – Ron Lim
Inker – Andy Smith
Colours – Val Staples

You could call it good or you could call it bad, but it was strange all the same by just how much reading this book felt like it was the 1990’s all over again.  It has long-time Thanos scribe Jim Starlin at the helm, aided and abetted by former collaborator and quintessential Silver Surfer artist, Ron Lim.  Combined, the tone and look of the story really takes experienced readers back to those days when cosmic events were almost every day occurrences.  It is set in the past, taking place just after Thanos’ defeat at the hands of Captain Marvel when he smashed the cosmic cube.  But in a new twist, the story continues on from there as Thanos is recuperating and is taken on a trip through his life, by his future self who is in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet.  As they go onwards, they see all of the events that are to take place including the moment when he gets the Gauntlet, the Infinity War and Crusade, his time in the Infinity Watch and team-up with former nemesis Adam Warlock, all the way through to his death by Drax the Destroyer.  The great thing about this book that Starlin and Lim accomplish is getting new readers caught up on everything Thanos as well as setting up a couple of future storylines.  For the long-time reader, it is like thinking back on a fond memory and for those who are new to the character, it reads like a primer, one that will hopefully get them interested enough to go and seek out those past issues.  This was a really great story, with the only negative being the lack of new material. Ron Lim proves he still has what it takes to illustrate a book and it would be nice to see a publisher give him an ongoing title.

4 out of 5

Batman Eternal #8

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, John Layman, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley
Artist – Guillem March
Colours – Tomeu Morey

Batman is cleaning up the streets of Falcone’s cronies yet now that the GCPD has been corrupted from the top, none of those men have been arrested and have all been set free.  Stephanie Brown is still having a hard time of it on the streets and the new commissioner has set a trap for Bats that he intends to set off to prove his theory about the corruption at the GCPD.  A fairly quick issue, jam packed with action and suspense from our team of writers who keep moving this book along with a fairly decent pace on any given issue.  Stephanie Brown was only shown for an instant which was a shame as her story is quite interesting.  Guillem March does a good job, though some of the previous artists were a bit better and it would be nice to see them return.  Also good to see was the continuation of the main story, or at least what seems to be, with the return of Falcone.  What would be ultimately nice to happen in this book would be some resolution to a few of the storylines, or at least more progression and have them all come together.

4 out of 5

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  1. The Thanos book looks interesting! I have little knowledge of the character and that is disappointing considering he is going to play a major part if future films! Really have to start looking into him more and this may be a good place to start!


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