Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #17

Marc Spector receives a visit from an old friend, one who knew him when he still went by that name and was a man for hire.  He is here to pass him some information but before he can barely finish his story and warn him about Nimrod Strange, the leader of a group called the Third World Slayers and of the Master Sniper, he is killed by that very man.  Suffice it to say, Moon Knight will not let this go and after chasing after the sniper, gets shot himself.  While Marc is in the hospital, Marlene has found a microdot of information on the dead man and weeks later is no closer to decrypting it than when she started.  Marc gets out of the hospital and they head out across the world to figure out the mystery.  This was quite the excellent story by Moench and Sienkiewicz, and was like watching an old 1970s spy thriller.  All you would have to do is sub in Lee Marvin or Donald Sutherland or Clint Eastwood and this could almost seem like it was off the big screen.  Lots of action, a lot of suspense and a lot of mystery make this one of the best Moon Knight tales in quite some time.  This book also happened to have a backup tale much like the last issue, written by Moench with art by Denys Cowan and featured a tale of Marc Spector back in his life before Moon Knight.  This tale was akin to an Indiana Jones film with Marc having to retrieve a golden idol.  It was not as well done as the first story, but it had a little humour and was a nice way to round out the book.

4 out of 5

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