Mind Capsules – Sinestro #2 and Avengers World #6

Sinestro #2

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Dale Eaglesham
Colours – Jason Wright

Issue two picks right up from the last one with Sinestro going up against his own corps, currently being led by Arkillo.  The battle is fierce and Dale Eaglesham’s pencils are simply beautiful to look at with all of the constructs and all of the different alien races upon the page.  Sinestro of course, comes out on top and proves to everyone there not only why he leads the corps, but why he created it.  It is not the corps though that he must prove himself alone, but to his daughter who is a Green Lantern, and detests him with every fiber of her being.  The rest of the book finds our anti-hero also teaching the corps a lesson, while weeding out those who might oppose him.  This was a very strong issue from Cullen Bunn who does a great job on the script and is making this book the best out of all the Lantern books being published at the moment.  Sinestro is a strong character and he proves it in both word and deed upon every page of the book, and it is a focus that a lot of DC’s characters seem to be lacking.  Whether that boils down to the editors or the writers, this book at least is strong on every level.  Fantastic colouring from Jason Wright really brings Eaglesham’s pencils to the front and combined with the wonderful words by Bunn, this book is a definite must-buy.

4.5 out of 5

Avengers World #6

Writer – Nick Spencer
Artist – Marco Checcetto
Colours – Andres Mossa

Avengers World has been splitting its focus upon a few different hotspots in the Marvel Universe, usually with an issue at a time in a single area with a few members of the team.  This issue features Thor, Hyperion and Captain Marvel in Barbuda, the capital city of the A.I.M. Empire.  Here they look to rescue their teammates who were captured previously and it is not going to be an easy task as A.I.M. has their defenses up and running.  The battle is interspersed with a conversation between Hyperion and Thor taking place in the Savage Land that finds Thor trying to cheer the man up a bit as he has been weighed down by heavy thoughts.  In the present, Hyperion has made his way to the inner laboratories where he is met by the Scientist Supreme who is trying to lure Hyperion over to their side.  Good luck.  Nick Spencer, writer extraordinaire of things like Morning Glories, has been doing a great job on the title lately, but it seems like this particular story has been going on for a wee bit too long.  Also, by splitting up the stories, it looks as if it will take longer to resolve than it normally would.  It is not a bad thing per se, but some payoff and perhaps a bit more focus, would be a little beneficial for the readers.  The artwork is fantastic and the fact that the book focused on Hyperion, one of the coolest cats in the Marvel Universe was most welcome.  If a fan of the Avengers, this is one book you cannot afford to miss.

4 out of 5

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