Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #15

Moon Knight has been hurting lately.  Not from any injury, but from the stress of what he does, from the sleepless nights, the inconsistent meals and the fact that he has to keep up three different identities aside from that of costumed hero.  He does a lot, though he does put it on himself, and he is starting to get worn out.  So when he is framed for an assassination attempt, he finds it a little harder to fend for himself, especially when it is against the entire police force.  Moench and Sienkiewicz do a great job on this tale, which is something a little out of the norm from the usual good guy versus bad guy story.  To see a hero feeling the wear and tear from what he does is not something that is usually shown in a comic, but it is something they obviously go through.  Moench makes Moon Knight more relatable, more human by doing so and it is just another reason why this book was much better than many of its peers when it was published.

4.5 out of 5

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