Mind Capsules – Nailbiter #1 and Iron Fist #2

Nailbiter #1

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Mike Henderson
Colours – Adam Guzowski

With Nailbiter, Joshua Williamson has created yet another book that is impossibly hard to put down even after you have finished reading the last page.  You know that there is no more but you just want it to keep going on and the realization that you have to wait a month is heartbreaking.  It has that same effect as the recently finished True Detective, and like that show, it is something of a procedural, but also like that series, unlike anything else.  The book, essentially, details not only the investigation into a missing man, but it is about how a small town, one single small town, could have produced sixteen different serial killers and the possible connection between them.  What Williamson does is take your average SVU, your Criminal Minds and the rest of your standard cop dramas and add in a healthy dose of horror, a heaping plate of mystery and some fantastic words to paint a picture that is as ghastly as it sounds.  Helping him out along the way is Mike Henderson whose pencils bring this exquisite misery to sumptuous life.  It has grit even with its nice, clean style and even looks to have a little anime/manga influence about it, but not overly so and it really pleases the eye when reading the book.  If all first issues were like this, the comic industry would be in a much better place.

5 out of 5

Iron Fist #2

Writer and Artist – Kaare Kyle Andrews

The second issue of the new Iron Fist title finds our hero still reminiscing about the past while trying to deal with the horrors of the present.  We are privy to his arrival at K’un-Lun for the first time as a boy and the horror that heralded his arrival.  Presently we are seeing the residents of the forever city usher in a new age as the dragon who gives them their power passes from this world and signals the arrival of the next who will replenish them and the land for years to come.  But the death that arrived on Danny Rand’s doorstep has also made its way to the hidden city and delivers exactly that.  Andrews spins a tight yarn that has you in shock by the last page and he does an excellent job of painting the beauty and the horror on the pages within this book with both his words and his art.  It would have seemed an impossible task to create an Iron Fist book better than the Fraction-penned iteration, but this is starting to come close to that mark.  Riveting stuff.

4.5 out of 5

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