Mind Capsules – Original Sin #1 and Black Widow #6

Original Sin #1

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Mike Deodato
Colours – Frank Martin

Marvel Comics’ next big event starts out with a strong first issue which finds a group of heroes investigating the death of the Watcher on the moon.  Not much of a spoiler as Marvel themselves had advertising that many months ago.  In this book, Aaron brings together a unique team of heroes together to find out who murdered the Watcher, who took his eyes and also his technology before something even worse happens.  While our main group is doing what they do with the help of Nick Fury, the original man and World War II vet to bear the name, other heroes are also looking into the matter by someone still unknown to the reader.  The main team includes Wolverine, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man while the secondary investigations are led up by the Black Panther, Ant-Man, Emma Frost, Dr. Strange, the Punisher, the Winter Soldier, Moon Knight and Gamora.  Ben Grimm and Spider-Man also happen to be in the book facing off against a Mindless One who seems to have gained intelligence, whether it was through the tech belonging to the Watcher or something else is yet to be explained.  It is definitely a most interesting mystery coming at the cost of one of Marvel’s most beloved, low-tier characters.  Though the issue is mostly a setup and introduction of what is to come, it hooks you in with its fantastic art by Mike Deodato and the great script from Aaron.  Following the disappointing non-event of Inhumanity, this was most welcome.

5 out of 5

Black Widow #6

Writer – Nathan Edmondson
Artist – Phil Noto

Phil Noto gorgeously illustrates the final issue of the arc with Natasha going up against Molot and finally the man behind him, Damon Dran.  She has a hard time of it as both men have grafted iron into their bodies making them a little tougher than the norm.  Maria Hill shows exactly why she is in charge of SHIELD at the moment when she is willing to sacrifice the Widow should things go south and her resolve is chilling.  After Dran is in custody we also see that there are some traitors within the organisation, and whether they are connected to what is going on in Waid’s Hulk title and if it is all part of a larger plan overall, remains to be seen.  Edmondson spins proper webs for our hero and Natasha has never looked better or more intriguing.  It was also nice to see her cat get some love at the end, because it was always her cat whether she knew it or not.

4.5 out of 5

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