Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #13

The Jester is getting out of prison and Marc Spector, the Moon Knight, cannot believe what he is hearing.  On the other side of town, another costumed hero who goes by the name of Daredevil, is also listening to the news with interest as he too, does not want the Jester released.  So as they investigate, they eventually come together, do the obligatory battle between each other, team up and beat the villain in the end.  It was great to see Moench bring another hero into the book and see how Moon Knight would react by doing so.  Daredevil is a natural fit to Moon Knight’s little world and it would be nice to see them team up again at some future point.  The Jester meanwhile is a Z list hero that really seems an unworthy foe for our hero to fight and hopefully his rogue’s gallery gets a little better.  This was a decent book, but a little bit of a letdown after a number of strong issues.

3 out of 5

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