Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #12

Issue twelve finds our hero up against Morpheus, a man transformed by untested drugs in a medical test into a hideous creature that never sleeps.  Moon Knight has more than met his match with Morpheus, never having been up against somebody with powers (at least in this series).  Morpheus, due to his lack of sleep, is able to manifest his dreams as a black energy and with every day that passes, it gets stronger and stronger.  Nice action-packed, done in one issue with the switching of identities kept to a bare minimum.  It was actually nice to see Moench focus on something other than Moon Knight’s ongoing identity crises for once and he gives him a new villain in the meantime as well.  Having Moon Knight take pause while in the middle of a fight, doubting that he could defeat the bad guy, added tension to the issue and was something we have not really seen before.  Not a lot of action from the supporting cast, which was okay as the book oftentimes focuses too much upon them.  The book is called Moon Knight, not Moon Knight and Friends, so good on Moench and Sienkiewicz for the focus this go round.

4.5 out of 5

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