Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #10

Continuing from last issue, Moon Knight is still engaged in his battle with Bushman except he holds the losing hand.  So, he can either save his friend as the chamber floods with water from the sewers or let him die and keep fighting.  There is of course only one answer.  After he, Samuels and the Midnight Man escape, Moon Knight suffers a crisis of conscience and identity after the statue of Knonshu, which was stolen last issue, is shattered.  This was an interesting moment in the book as for the last nine issues, Moench has been building up these various personas and in one story has very nearly destroyed them all in one fell swoop.  This issue also shows why Marlene is an essential part of Marc’s life and the supporting cast.  She is the rock he leans upon and the one point in all of the crazy that he surrounds and creates for himself that he knows will never change.  The tenth issue is another strong entry in the series with our hero who, of course, comes out on top by the end of the story and comes to terms somewhat with his existence.  Sienkiewicz is still on his game with this issue and shows why this book was one of the best of the early 1980s on the artistic front.  A powerful issue.

4.5 out of 5

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