Mind Capsules – Batman Eternal #2 and Star Mage #1

Batman Eternal #2

Writer – Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Artist – Jason Fabok
Colours – Brad Anderson

The second issue of the new weekly book by DC finds word of what happened in the subway spreading to Robin and Batgirl and the general public.  Catwoman makes an appearance as does it seem Jim Corrigan, the Spectre which will make the book quite interesting in coming issues.  An old foe also returns which is looking like he was probably behind the whole train mess and would prove Batman’s faith in Gordon is correct.  The art by Fabok is still fantastic in this book and with it being so detailed and looking so good, he must have gotten a fair bit of lead time to work on it.  The elements of the book and the story are improved from the first issue as there are no common thugs and no sub-par villains present.  For those that might have jumped ship after the first issue, it might have been a bit premature as it looks like the book has some big stuff planned for the future.  Great stuff by all involved.

4 out of 5

Star Mage #1

Writer – JC De La Torre
Artist – Ray Dillon

Star Mage is a tale about a young kid named Darrien who has lost his mom and dad and soon finds out that he is destined for greater things.  While the book is loaded with clichés – geeky kid who likes the hot girl, picked on by the school bully, something unexplained happens to him, finds out his future is already mapped out, etc. – good storytelling is good storytelling.  De La Torre has created a nice little book, that no matter how many times we have seen this story, it is still a good read when it is done right.  Ray Dillon provides the artwork and it perfectly complements the book with a good clean, open style that will appeal to readers young and old.  And while you can probably guess what might happen next, it is done well enought that you will want to come back for the second issue.

3.5 out of 5

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