Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #9

Bushman has escaped from prison and Moon Knight is obviously upset.  Meanwhile as he is on the hunt, someone is in the mansion terrorizing Marlene and Frenchie.  They also realize Samuels, the butler has been kidnapped and the statue of Khonshu has been stolen.  Following a lead, Moon Knight ends up in a battle with the Midnight Man who has returned and now works for Bushman.  Really good, action-packed episode by Sienkiewicz and Moench which sees Moon Knight on the ropes for once, and features the first time that his enemies have teamed up against him.  Marlene is still peeved at Marc for using multiple identities and gets angry at him for keeping up the ruse while their lives are in danger.  You feel a little sympathy for the Midnight Man even though he is a villain, but if he had not chosen a life of crime in the first place, then none of that would have happened to him.  Suspenseful and tension filled, this issue was in top form.

4.5 out of 5

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