Mind Capsules – Flash Gordon #1 and Batgirl #30

Flash Gordon #1

Writer – Jeff Parker
Artist – Evan Shaner
Colours – Jordie Bellaire

The first issue of the new series from Dynamite features Flash, Zarkov and Dale on the run from some of Ming’s men.  Flying through portal after portal, with each world worse than the one before, Flash and company are running out of fuel for their ship when they finally find a planet of trees called Arboria.  There, Flash manages to get them into a little trouble when they are saved by the locals, and in turn almost gets them in trouble with them with Dale ending up saving the day.  This was a great first issue from Jeff Parker after his stint on the Kings Watch miniseries and a welcome one to boot.  He starts the book off with a little bit of a flashback but then gets right into the action which is where our pulp hero should be.  The artwork by Shaner is a great fit for the book, nailing the drama and action with a nice clean and open, yet detailed style.  Ming looks great and perfectly evil and it will be nice to really see him get into the thick of things come later issues.  It is nice to see the supporting characters get as much time as Flash does, though as they seem to be travelling with him, it would have happened anyways, but still a good thing.  Though there is not really a sense of where Parker wants to take the book at the moment, except with our heroes wanting to get to Earth, it is a pretty good issue of a book that has everything going for it.

4.5 out of 5

Batgirl #30

Writer – Marguerite Bennet
Artist – Robert Gill
Colours – Romulo Fajardo, Jr.

This was a nice little done-in-one story by Marguerite Bennet with Batgirl facing off against a creature called the Midnight Man.  Said Midnight Man is an ooze-like creature who obviously wants to kill all the people in the house who summoned it, including our erstwhile hero.  Batgirl of course wants no part of that.  The issue while nicely paced with a fairly decent creature to fight, featured far too much of Batgirl ruminating about Dick Grayson.  Sure they were close and she misses him and all, but focusing on the task at hand would probably be best as their lives are in mortal danger.  The book also features some really great art by Robert Gill who has a nice detailed style and looks like something of a cross between Mikel Janin and Tony Daniel.  A nice entry in Batgirl’s ongoing adventures and was nice to see a complete story told in a single issue which does not happen too often these days.

4 out of 5

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