Issue by Issue – The Warlord #14

ImageWriter – Mike Grell
Artist – Mike Grell
Colours – Adrienne Roy
Letters – Todd Klein

The Warlord, Travis Morgan, is injured from his fight last issue with Stryker. Machiste and Mariah have no idea if he will pull through, but all they can do is hope. What follows is Morgan battling for his life in a head to head confrontation with Death. True to form, Morgan will not even let death defeat him and so he is released from her grasp, at least for the moment. Another great story by Grell, one that features extremely lush pencils on every page featuring Morgan against an essentially unbeatable foe. Never has Death been so beautiful, alluring and deadly. A quick story compared to others, but a nice break from the trip to Shamballah in the search for Tara, though she did provide the inspiration for Morgan to break free from Death. Beautiful stuff.

5 out of 5

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