Sunday Sessions – Sam Cooke and Roy Orbison

Today is soulful Sunday with two artists whose voices will forever be remembered as nothing short of legendary.  First up is a nice little documentary with the one and only, Sam Cooke.  Featuring his rise from gospel singer to pop superstar, it is a good look at the life of the man with many musical moments sprinkled throughout and interviews from fellow musicians.  Following that up is Roy Orbison’s classic Black and White Night concert from 1988 featuring the man himself with a smattering of top musicians including Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, KD Lang, Bonnie Raitt and even Elvis Presley’s very own TCB band.  One of the all-time best concerts, from any artist, which just gets better and better with each repeated listen.

Sam Cooke – Crossing Over

Roy Orbison – Black & White Night

00:00 “Only The Lonely”
02:45 “Dream Baby” (Cindy Walker)
06:44 “Blue Bayou”
10:01 “The Comedians” (Elvis Costello)
13:30 “Ooby Dooby” (Dick Penner, Wade Moore)
17:45 “Leah”
20:47 “Running Scared”
23:17 “Uptown”
26:40 “In Dreams” (Orbison)
29:46 “Crying”
33:01 “Candy Man” (Fred Neil, Beverly “Ruby” Ross)
36:34 “Go Go Go (Down the Line)” (Orbison)
42:32 “Mean Woman Blues” (Claude Demetrius)
45:03 “(All I Can Do is) Dream You” (Billy Burnette, David Malloy)
48:42 “Claudette” (Orbison)
51:44 “It’s Over” (Orbison, Bill Dees)
54:50 “Oh, Pretty Woman” (Orbison, Bill Dees)

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