Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #6

Moon Knight heads to St. Lucien to help out an old friend and put a stop to some of the local voodoo practitioners. As it was, issue six was a nice little action-packed story that sees Moon Knight in fine form, doing what he does best except on foreign soil. There was a little moment of hilarity in the book that was probably supposed to be dramatic, and though it was, it also elicited a couple of chuckles. The situation in question dealt with Marc and Marlene talking about the trip when Marlene finally tells him off about his almost believing that he is in fact, four different people. He of course apologizes and says she is correct, and that he sometimes lets it get away from him, but it is hard to believe the statement as he never stops talking about his various identities. Aside from that it was a fun and entertaining book with some of Marc Spector’s history revealed and some good, old-fashioned fisticuffs from Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz with a great cover by Earl Norem.

4 out of 5

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