Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #3

It seems that when the clock strikes twelve, the Midnight Man strikes as well, stealing items of high value and Moon Knight takes it upon himself to stop the villain.  Unlike the previous issue, this one was a little less exciting though it was still written and drawn just as well as the last two.  As a bad guy, the Midnight Man does not really live up to the nefarious overtones that are suggested, but there is always a next time should he return.  The issue did have one drawback which was much too repetitive and that was the focus upon the many identities that Moon Knight employs.  Mentioning them once is fine, but the amount of times it was brought up in this issue was far too many.  It is true that new readers should be catered to, but there is a time when the reader should just be able to accept something that happens when it happens, in this case the changing of identities.  This particular issue was not terrible by any means, but it was fairly dull after two really good books.

3 out of 5

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