Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #1


The very first issue of Moon Knight, not counting the appearances he made in the Hulk Magazine, see our costumed hero in a fairly standard origin tale.  In this story, Marc Spector starts out as not so much a villain, but a man who is lost and simply fell in with the wrong crowd.  That crowd just happens to be led by Bushman, a man who sometimes kills his enemies by ripping their throats out with his filed-down-into-fangs teeth.  After dying near the statue of the Egyptian god, Khonshu, he is resurrected and soon dons the cloak that rested upon the statue, and takes up a cause to punish the wicked.  Doug Moench, the creator and writer of this series takes us through these events at a rapid-fire pace.  The issue is jam-packed with action and drama and does not let up for even a minute.  We go from origin to redemption to revenge and the defeat of Bushman, from bad guy to avatar to multiple identities and finally to hero.  In today’s age this tale would have been spread across a few issues and here, Moench manages to do it in one with the help of the great, Bill Sienkiewicz on art duties.  Some people call Moon Knight a second-rate Batman, when in fact most superheroes are all clones of each other.  Moench and Sienkiewicz take some of those basic tropes that Batman personifies and turn Moon Knight into a distinct and complicated hero, one who began a more prominent run in the Marvel Universe with this issue, with an identity all his own.

4 out of 5

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