Sheer Crazy – Fear Chamber (1968)

The movie claims to have all the macabre horror of Edgar Allen Poe.  Lies!

Stars Boris Karloff in one of his last roles.  Cool.  Sadly he cannot even save this film.

Karloff discovers strange frequencies coming from underneath the earth somewhere, sends his daughter and assistant out to check it out and find a living rock aka giant piece of rubber.

Why is everyone peeping in on the half-naked girl?  Oh, to sacrifice her.  Wait, the ceremony is fake?  Dumb.  Oh it is a ruse to give her blood or some such to the rock.  But if she is dead, why the ruse?

The script is excruciating.

More peeping at half-naked girls.

The acting is atrocious.

When Karloff laughs, it is almost like he is laughing at the position he finds himself in but cannot help himself and continues laughing at the futility of it all.

It is hard to decide just who is the creepiest person in this film.

Oh, a striptease… for the rock?!  And the rock sucks the life out of her.

Time to capture a new girl.  And whip her.  And then put a needle in her eye.

Continued bad acting.  Script still awful.

Karloff in bed.  Cannot get himself out to continue in the film.

Oh no!  The strange peeping Toms that work for Karloff are fighting amongst themselves.

How long is this Z-movie?

Giant rock kills too much, time to get rid of giant rock.  Crazy assistant – king of the world.

Sigh.  Dumb.

Good things – Pamela Rosas striptease, Boris Karloff, couple cute girls.
Bad things – rest.

So bad it is good or so bad it is just bad?

1 out of 5

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  1. I actually laughed out loud. “Karloff in bed. Cannot get himself out to continue in the film”. No need for me to say anything about the rest of the trash, this alone told me what I need to know. Great line sir.


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