Issue by Issue – The Warlord #3

ImageWriter – Mike Grell
Artist – Mike Grell
Colours – Carl Gafford

The book opens with Travis Morgan, the Warlord, attacking King Deimos’s men as they try to prey on the poor.  After defeating them of course, Morgan and Machiste soon have words as the men are becoming restless.  They want gold and as the army grows larger they fear their cuts getting smaller.  Promising Machiste to talk it over later, Morgan sees a unicorn and chases it straight into trouble with some lizard men.  Getting taken unawares, the lizard men aim to sacrifice Morgan to their god, one who just happens to have been released from its crypt coincidentally, by the plane Morgan crash landed when he arrived in Skartaris.

The book continues on with Mike Grell at the helm handling both art and writing duties and it seems to be in good hands.  Grell’s pencils are exciting and vibrant and the art just leaps off the page at times.  Even though it is only the third issue, it is nice to see the wide variety of native inhabitants and creatures that populate Skartaris.  This issue it was unicorns and lizard men, last issue dinosaurs and sabre-toothed cats, and so on.  The pacing of the book is fairly quick as from the last issue to the next, the army has grown in size and they have covered a lot of miles without us having been shown as such.  Grell does not waste any time with his story, even though this issue does not really go anywhere.  The one thing it does accomplish is to further his relationship between Machiste and himself and to cement his status as a leader.  Quality stuff!

4 out of 5

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