Thought Bubble – New Warriors #1

This week from Marvel sees a new iteration of the New Warriors released to the masses from Christopher Yost and Marcus To.  The book starts off with the decimation of Bova and the New Men by the High Evolutionary.  Not a spoiler as he is on the first page of the book.  There is no team to speak of as yet; we are merely introduced to all of our players across the board and the threat established to jump-start their coming together.  Justice and Speedball are in the book as they will obviously form the core of the new team and we are introduced to some new players, some known and some not, in the form of Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird, Sun Girl, Nova and a new Namora.  The original Namora is a great character and if the new one is half as good, she should be a good fit for the team.  The book is fun and fast-paced and features beautiful artwork by To throughout.  For a first issue, it hits all the right notes, keeps you interested and more to the point, makes you want to read more.  Excellent work by all involved and big bonus points for bringing in Salem’s Seven.

4.5 out of 5

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  1. As a comic fan, you put me to shame. I know of the High Evolutionary, Nova and Namora, but characters like Sun Girl and Speedball are unknowns to me. Sounds interesting….I feel left out.


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