Issue by Issue – The Warlord #2

ImageWriter – Mike Grell
Artist – Mike Grell

Last issue saw our hero, Travis Morgan tied and hanging to a tree and left to die.  As some giant cats make their way towards him, his survival instinct kicks in and he frees himself and then somehow manages to get himself captured by a different band of slavers then the previous issue, as they stop to help him out.  Taken aboard their ship, he meets a man named Machiste and together they cause enough trouble that they are about to be hanged for their trouble, when another ship attacks and takes the two of them prisoner.  Again.  They are soon sold off to be gladiators and in true Spartacus style, they train, they fight and they overthrow their captors and head off with an army in tow to free Tara who has been sold to the newly crowned Deimos.

Now while it can be said that this issue might be a little repetitive (how many times can a guy get put into slavery by different people in the course of a few days?), it can be forgiven to a certain extent as Travis is in an entirely new world and has not yet acclimated himself.  It is slightly funny how often it happens though.  But even with that small little foible, the action is almost non-stop throughout the book and almost always graceful under Grell’s pencil.  This issue also introduces Machiste who will go on to become one of the Warlord’s longest running supporting characters and one of his best friends.  The book ends on a promissory note of confrontation, one that is eagerly anticipated.

4 out of 5

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