Issue by Issue – Machine Man #5

ImageWriter – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Colours – Petra Goldberg
Letters – Mike Royer

X-51 continues to face off against Ten-For (still a terrible name), while still getting into trouble with the law.  While Ten-For is fooling the police and blaming the battle on our hero, X-51 escapes seemingly cementing his outlaw status.  On the run, he ends up at a costume party while the Autocron fleet gets closer and closer to Earth.

A fairly action-packed and yet silly issue.  Sadly, it is not as good as the previous issues, though the artwork by Kirby is still top-notch.  It is hopeful that the current storyline ends soon and moves onto something else as it is getting a little long in the tooth.  With all the craziness that has been going on in the series, one can only wonder what will happen next.

3 out of 5

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