Beyond Awful – Night of the Ghouls (1959)

Dr. Acula.  Really?

Opening scene in the police station is some of the worst over-acting ever.

Teenage delinquency?  The worst horror of our time?

Why are people walking like the film has been sped up, like the tape is on fast-forward?

It seems just like a silent film at times, like when the girl is killed at the beginning of the movie.  Really strange.

The Ghoul is just a woman in a black dress.  That is it.

The White Ghost is a woman who has been dead for a couple of hundred years and is just a woman in a white dress.

Dr. Acula is a con-man who is so phony to be laughable.  You will laugh.

Could they not afford at least a little makeup for the ghoul?

At least Valda Hansen is a little attractive as the White Ghost.

This is an Ed Wood film, what more could be expected?

So bad it is good?  You decide.

Worst film ever?  Close.

1 out of 5

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