Future Imperfect – Cable and X-Force Volume 3: This Won’t End Well

Over the course of the series, Cable has developed a precognitive ability that lets him see when bad things are going to happen.  Using it, he and his team consisting of Domino, Colossus, Forge, Dr. Nemesis and Boom Boom set out to stop these threats at any cost to avoid a terrible future.  And while there is no flaw in the plan, there is a flaw in Cable as the visions are starting to become debilitating.  The third volume of the title finds Hope seeking out Blaquesmith and travelling to the future to find out who gave Cable the new ability, what happened in the future and to find a possible cure before his precog ability kills him.  A simple enough task.

There is a lot going on in this book, not to mention everything that Hope has her hands full with.  The team must face Uncle Alex and the Uncanny Avengers as well as stop three distinct visions from happening.  Not only that, when all is said and done, they have to break Cable out of Avengers custody.  And all of it happens quite perfectly thanks to Dennis Hopeless, the writer of the series.  Hopeless has been doing some good stuff of late, not only on this book, but also on Avengers Arena which just ended recently.  He has a good grasp on the characters and because of that has made this X-Force book one of the best to come out of the X-Office during the first Marvel Now reboot.  Also having Salvador Larocca on art duty does not hurt either.

Aside from all the action that takes place in this book, we also receive a lot of humour to go hand in hand with it.  Taking the form of a buddy comedy, Domino and Boom Boom bring the funny as do Forge and Dr. Nemesis.  Speaking of Forge, the funniest moment in the whole book is the introduction of the ‘Forge Force,’ a group of remote controlled vehicles loaded up with weapons circa the 1980s.  It recalls many of the programs at the time such as the A-Team, M.A.S.K., Knight Rider and more.  Truly ridiculous and hilarious in its parody.

There are a few other moments of note – Domino and Colossus with their budding relationship is nice to see.  It would not seem to make sense as they are an odd pairing, but them being together works really well.  Seeing Hope interact with her older self, especially in the Stryfe armour was very intriguing as it could possibly foretell a possible future for the character, though in the Marvel Universe nothing is ever a guarantee.  And simply put, it is nice to see Boom Boom get some screen time as she so rarely gets the spotlight.  Having always been a bit player, she finally gets to shine a little in this series and hopefully when it wraps up, she finds a new home.

Cable and X-Force is a good book, fun and action packed and not too hard for new readers to pick up on if this volume happens to be their first one.  It has a simple enough premise for an X-book that contains some of the more interesting mutants as well as great writing and great art.  The only downside is that it is not the really cool black-ops team we used to get the last few years.  More classic X-Force than modern X-Force, but in the end, still quite enjoyable.

4 out of 5

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