Thought Bubble – Inhumanity #2

The second issue of Inhumanity finds the current storyline of the Inhumans fall to Earth much the same as the previous ones.  Nobody knows what has happened to Black Bolt or the Inhuman children, the city lies in ruins all over New York, and nobody really knows how to handle or what to do with all the people exposed to the Terrigen mists.  We open up on Medusa, queen of a nation that no longer exists, or at least one that is radically different than any of its previous incarnations, finally ready to gather her people and take charge, partially at the insistence of Captain America.  After a gathering of the troops and a rescue mission, Medusa proves why she is a queen and deserves to be so.

This was a good issue with a lot of action and drama.  Fraction hits all the right notes, but it just felt like something was missing.  Perhaps it is the fact that the event itself is dragging on just a little too long, which is no fault of his.  Also, the art by Nick Bradshaw is fantastic but paired with Todd Nauck who did some of the pages, gave the book a very uneven look.  The best thing about these books, particularly this two-issue miniseries, is the focus upon the Inhuman royal family that we all know and love.  While it is interesting being introduced to all the new characters that could possibly be starring in the new series that is starting up soon with Charles Soule and Joe Madureira, if it does not feature the Inhumans we know, it may not succeed where it should.

Not the worst book, but not the best.  Hopefully this mini-event picks up some steam and creates some more interest before it burns itself out.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. Honestly, I’m glad that they’re finally giving Medusa some more screen time. I love it when comic book writers future the prominent wives or significant other of a well-known character because it shows us more about the well-known character in the end. However, this isn’t always the case and I get that. It depends heavily on how it’s done and if it drags on for too long, it can get stale. But, let’s look at Mera from the new Aquaman series. She’s an incredible character and with the New 52, they finally showed her side and her personality.


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