Mad Monster Party – Kiss Me, Satan #1-5

As soon as you read the title to this book, Kiss Me, Satan, you know without a doubt that you are in for a great read.  The title alone has that 70’s grindhouse/psychedelic feel to it, like Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS or Suspiria.  It draws you in with the promise of something out of the extraordinary and delivers upon that promise with everything you could ever want in a horror book.  In fact, it almost seems like sometimes there is too much at times, and at others, not enough.  With werewolves, hot witches, an evil magician, ninja skeletons, a fallen angel-demon, more demons and even a sentient eyeball, Victor Gischler and Juan Ferreyra hold nothing back in this rollercoaster of a book.

Boiling it all down, Cassian Steele is the head of his clan and is expecting his first baby boy.  He also happens to be a werewolf.  For him to continue on in his role as leader, his son must bear the mark of the lycanthrope, and to learn this he calls in the old witch Verona to use the Eye of Fate and let him know what his future holds.  Upon inspection, Verona discerns that the boy is merely a boy, and because of that it puts not only Cassian in peril, but she and her apprentices as well as he will do anything to stop the knowledge of it from getting out.  So the witches go on the run with all manner of trouble that Cassian can throw at them including his clan, a mad magician who wants the Eye of Fate for himself, which is currently in Verona’s head, and the aforementioned ninja skeletons.  Aiding them to make up for his own sins is Barnabus Black, a demon who was an angel, and one that wants to get his halo back.

With this series, Gischler has outdone himself.  Taking some of the best aspects of the horror genre and throwing them all together into one perfect melting pot he has crafted one of the better miniseries of the year.  2013 at least.  Aside from all the horror elements, what makes this book so good is just how easy Gischler makes it look.  With its breakneck pacing and uncluttered dialogue, Kiss Me, Satan draws you in and does not let you go.  Gischler has been doing some great work the past number of years, especially in the field of the fantastic with Conan, The Shadow and Clown Fatale, not to mention the X-Men.  While his writing has always been imaginative, this book takes all the familiar tropes of werewolves and witches and more, and instead of reinventing them just turns the dial up to eleven.  It is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel all of the time to deliver a good story; sometimes all that is required is good writing, and that, Gischler produced.

Juan Ferreyra provided some really fun and imaginative artwork.  His pencils are clean, slick and fairly detailed without getting jumbled or out of hand.   It also helps to have a good colorist and Eduardo Ferreyra makes the book exceptionally bold and bright.  Together they produce some ridiculously beautiful pages.  The werewolves are ferocious, the women gorgeous and the action over-the-top and there is little more one could ask for in a book such as this.  Coupled with Gischler’s words, this book really turned out to be a surprise, and a good one at that.

So far there has not been any word, but as the series was left pretty open-ended, it would be nice to see a sequel, whether another mini or an ongoing.  It seems like there are a lot of stories left to tell in this universe so if Victor Gischler was to make it an ongoing book, it would be appreciated by at least one reader if Juan Ferreyra was also along for the ride as together, they make a great team.  Kiss Me, Satan is a lot of fun and a nicely accessible book that should be collected into a trade paperback anyday now, and worth every penny no matter what format you choose to purchase it in.

5 out of 5

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