Thought Bubble – Aquaman Annual #1


The newest annual for Aquaman, a new first issue under the New 52 banner, is not so much a showcase for the Atlantean, but a tryout book for a possible spinoff featuring the team called The Others.  First appearing in the regular Aquaman book by Geoff Johns, they made a splash so to speak with enough interest to warrant a tale of their own.

Written by John Ostrander, it features good, solid storytelling by the veteran but the problem lies in the end result.  Not necessarily how the book ended, but how it makes the reader feel, and overall, it lacked punch.  It was not even half as exciting or thrilling as the regular title.  It is a real shame as well, as Ostrander has written some amazing stories over the years but this book features a rather normal and frankly, run of the mill story.

Being the New 52 three years in now, the goal of DC going forward was to make stories accessible for a new generation.  This story did do that, and it did it well, but for long-time readers, there was just not enough to hold interest.  If you happen to be a new reader, this story would most likely be enough to delight and amaze you, but as the audience who purchases these books gets older, it takes a little more to hold onto them.  What DC needs to do is to find that fine line between captivating the old and the new, which the regular Aquaman book does.

The characters are great and quite interesting and yes, they would most likely make for a really exciting ongoing title, but it would just have to be with a different team at the helm.  Ostrander can still pump out great titles, this just happens to one that would probably do better without him.  It is not a bad book at all, far be it, it is a decent tale if you have nothing else to read, but would have been a better book had it been published twenty years ago.  Good, but not great.

3 out of 5

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