Funny Stuff – Quantum and Woody Volume 1: The World’s Worst Superhero Team

When the original Valiant folded and it then became Acclaim Entertainment, one of the books they published was a little title named Quantum and Woody.  It received critical acclaim being written by Christopher Priest and drawn by M.D. Bright, but its future was not meant to be until Valiant 2.0 came along.  Thirteen years later the title is now back on the stands with a new creative team with James Asmus and Tom Fowler at the helm.

The book is still a buddy comedy and eventually, it does feature a goat so it has two of the main ingredients that made the first run successful.  Its humour is a little crude at times, but is mainly self deprecating which is always the best kind of funny.  If you cannot laugh at yourself how can you expect others to laugh with you?  Asmus does a great job of making the brothers, both Eric and Woody, completely distinct from each other with Eric being the stand-up and responsible one and Woody the reckless and immature sibling.

Getting them together in the book took the death of their father which sets up the first little mystery they have to solve.  They also must find out exactly what it is their father was researching and why everyone is so eager to find it and even kill for it.  The only thing standing in their way is each other.  The problem is they can hardly stand each other most of the time and throwing super-powers into the mix only complicates the matter further.

Asmus does a great job with the characters and seems to have gotten a good handle on them.  He really nails the sibling rivalry (perhaps from personal experience?) and makes it funny and accessible by anyone who has a brother or sister.  Fowler’s art, a little reminiscent of Erik Larsen, is a nice fit for the book as it does not seem to take itself too seriously.  A good start to a new/old title from Valiant.  If it stays on track, it could end up being one of the best books they publish.

4 out of 5

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