The Journey Continues – ElfQuest: The Final Quest


With the Final Quest, ElfQuest has finally found a home after many years without one.  The last publisher being DC Comics, let the licence go, for whatever reason though it was most likely sales, so it was nice to see Dark Horse had brokered a deal to bring the book back.  Written by Richard and Wendy Pini and fully drawn by Wendy, it was a return to form for the elves after being away for so long.

Picking up a number of years after the last tale, the book sees Shuna, Cutter and Leetah’s adopted daughter, pregnant and ready to give birth.  It also sees their son, Sunstream and his life mate, the Wavedancer Brill, ready to do the same.  As the book progresses, we are privy to both births, to the elves reminiscing about many past events and people such as Tyldak and Khavi to name a couple, and to them exploring more of the castle’s capabilities as the years pass by.

ElfQuest has always been a great book, no matter the publisher, no matter the creative team when it has been worked on by the Pini’s or not.  Whether it is the main book or a spinoff, through singular or multiple titles, the book or books have always been on a path or a quest so to speak.  There has always been a plan and over the least thirty years the story has always moved forward, pleasing both old fans and new.  The Final Quest, or at least the first issue of the book, finds itself being a little repetitive and as such loses a bit of momentum and drags the story down.  It is a bit of a shame as there is not a book that comes to mind of being so in the ElfQuest canon.

That being said, the book is also delightful as well as nostalgic being as it is a thirty plus year old property.  To see Skywise, Ember, Cutter, Leetah, Redlance, Tyleet, Petalwing and the Preservers and the rest of the tribe is almost like having held one’s breath and being able to breathe again.  This book should never have ceased publication at any point in its history.  In doing so, it deprived fans of a book that was completely unique to the marketplace.  Hopefully, The Final Quest continues on despite the ominous title.
ElfQuest, as previously mentioned, is a proven property and has been around for many years, despite taking some breaks here and there.  It is available digitally and in a variety of printed formats from many different publishers.  If given a chance, pick up any of the Pini’s fantastic work as you will most definitely not be disappointed.  If you are a person just discovering ElfQuest or a long-time fan, The Final Quest delivers everything you need to know to start off and hopefully continue onwards with the book.

4 out of 5

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