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Supernatural Season 9 (CW)

Back for a ninth season, Supernatural just keeps on truckin’.  It is just as good as it ever was and after two episodes, it would be nice to see it get an early pick-up for next year.  The ongoing saga of the Winchesters and the battles they face has never once felt too long or dragged out.  The show, thanks to the writers and the producers, and most especially Eric Kripke, have kept it on course and never once compromised its vision.  This year as they deal with the fallout of season eight’s climatic ending, it looks as if it will be a fantastic ride.  Definitely a show that has gotten better with time and one that could go on with the right story for at least a couple of more years.

Person of Interest Season 3 (CBS)

Person of Interest is a show about a guy named Harold who has invented a super-computer that was supposed to be used to stop terrorists and whatnot by tapping into any electrical device capable of surveillance which he in turn uses to help the average person.  For a show that most people did not expect to survive past the first year, it has been doing surprisingly well.  It has action, intrigue and a captivating storyline that keeps the momentum going episode after episode.  Sure there is the odd show that they use to pad the season – most shows do so, but all in all, a great show to see back on the airwaves.

Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU (CBS, NBC)

Why are these two shows still on the air?  When they first started they were a little edgy, gritty and dramatic.  It was a perfect combination for a show, especially one that is on network television.  Both shows lost key members and that is when they started their slide downhill.  Criminal Minds has become a joke, as each year it has lost more and more of its focus with more people tuning into the show to merely watch the repetitive and annoying banter between Morgan and Garcia.  It used to be a show about catching criminals, now it is merely a masquerade for terrible foreplay.  SVU which used to focus on the brutality of sex crimes and the effects of said crimes is now a soap opera with Benson over-emoting year after year.  Usually when you have a lame horse you put it down.  These shows, which once were great, should have been put to pasture years ago.

The Originals Season 1 (CW)

Spun off from the Vampire Diaries, The Originals is a more adult oriented show about the first vampires moving back to New Orleans to take back their city from an upstart whom they had previously sired.  Like Diaries, it has werewolves, witches, vampires, drama, action and of course, supernatural intrigue.  If it keeps heading on course, it might just end up being better than the show that spawned it.

The Blacklist Season 1 (NBC)

Any show featuring James Spader is a welcome addition to the airwaves and it seems that this show only exists to showcase him so.  Whatever the reason, the show has Spader as a master criminal, wanted by the FBI, who comes knocking on their door literally to help them out catching the criminals that ‘really matter’.  The female lead is a little annoying but Spader’s charisma more than makes up for anything lacking in the show.  Really great stuff

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