Album Review – Mayday Parade: Monsters In The Closet (2013)


Mayday Parade has been around for a number of years now and unlike most bands, they just keep getting better with time.  They are one of those bands that everyone has heard about but no one really talks about.  It is quite the shame that they are not featured in more Top 40 lists around the world along with other bands such as Foo Fighters, Coldplay and Katy Perry as they are just as deserving of the spotlight.  Sure, they do not play the same kind of pop music that dominates the landscape as most bands do in the popular playlists, but instead of rehashing the same old thing, they find new directions to go in with their song writing with each new album making them one of the most refreshing bands to listen to.  With their latest album Monsters in the Closet, they take us on a journey through twelve great new songs including the fantastic first single Ghosts.

The aforementioned Ghosts was a smart choice for their first cut, featuring a really smooth acoustic opening with great background vocals reminiscent of Queen until the beat starts and the full band starts up.  It has some strong guitar solos, which remind one a little of the Black Parade album by My Chemical Romance, which itself is a good thing. The song could have any number of meanings on just who the ‘ghost’ is, but it makes sense that the ghost is the failed relationship when taken in context with the song.  A vigorous and energetic start to the album which is always a great way to get listeners engaged.

And that same energy that is heard on that first single continues through the whole album.  Girls is a highly enjoyable song with a very memorable chorus and one of the standout songs has to be 12 through 15 which is a ballad about two people who just don’t belong together yet want to try as there is nothing standing in their way.  Hold Onto Me is another great ballad which is about yearning at its utmost and you can hear the plaintive plea being put forth in the song.  A case can be made for Even Robots Need Blankets being the best song on the album.  Magnificent piano work on the intro, outro and throughout, it lifts the song from being a simple guitar ballad into something much more beautiful.  It is a little evocative of Ben Folds when listening to it, but you can hear the passion in every note of music and every word.  Ending strongly on Angels, it winds the disc down by slowing the pace and ending on a song about heartbreak.

Monsters in the Closet is a great album from a very reliable band that should be more famous than they currently are.  Lead singer Derek Sanders provides strong vocals throughout the entire disc making for an excellent showcase of his talent while the rest of the band including Jake Bundrick, Jeremy Lenzo, Brooks Betts and Alex Garcia are in top form.  The song writing is solid as is the music and together they create a perfect harmony on each and every track.  This record is predominantly about relationships which is always great fodder for inspiration and as such, it stands out as one of the most substantial and well-made rock albums of the year so far.  For fans of Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Queen, Foo Fighters, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, Lagwagon, 30 Seconds to Mars and good music in general.

4.5 out of 5


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