Lyrical Musings – 5 Songs for a Saturday

Pia Mia – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)

One of the best songs going around right now is Pia Mia’s cover of ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’.  Besides having an embracing and sultry voice with exceptionally clear tones, the track has been remixed and sounds a bit more upbeat.  It is far superior to the original by Drake, which in itself is a good song, but Pia Mia really grabs it and brings it home for the listener.  Awesome stuff!


Fozzey and VanC – Perfect Couple

Recently discovered these two on Tumblr while looking for new music and was pleasantly surprised at the discovery.  They are exceptionally talented and one of their best songs is Perfect Couple.  Sounding sonically similar to Plan B and Devlin with a little Roots Manuva thrown in yet diverse and totally authentic all themselves.  Rapping about a two people, a man trying to make the relationship work and his woman who keeps cheating, it is a powerful song about life and consequences.  Extremely powerful and moving but also entertaining and worth repeated listening.


Roots Manuva – Stolen Youth

Featured in the last episode ever of powerful drama Skins, Roots Manuva’s powerful beats and lyrics power their way into your soul just as he sings ‘The road takes a hold on you’, so does this song.  A song about change and about life and death, it stirs you into self-reflection as the low, guttural and smooth tones of his voice carry it through your life.  A simple, yet well written and exceedingly great song and well worth checking out the rest of his catalogue if you have not done so previously.


All Time Low – Therapy

The song is a bit dismal in content at times, yet hopeful as the song reaches its eventual conclusion.  It should resonate with most people as it is about a universal subject – that of hurting within and putting on a brave face.  By song’s end there is light at the end of the tunnel as things get better as time goes on.  Good stuff.


RRodd – Beyond Regulation (Daft Punk vs Warren G ft Nate Dogg vs Michael McDonald)

Any reason to listen to Regulate is usually reason enough, but pairing it up with Daft Punk’s Beyond and Michael McDonald’s I Keep Forgettin’ in a new mash-up is pretty cool.  If anything, this version out-funks a lot of songs out there today.  Great job by RRodd and Rick Lee.  A song that you can listen to on repeat any number of times thanks to the slick production values and great beats.


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