Album Review – Forever the Sickest Kids – J.A.K.E.

On a recommendation from a Tumblr follower, I checked out this band.  Forever the Sickest Kids play an infectious blend of pop-punk music that has been popular for the last ten to fifteen years or so.  Their latest album J.A.K.E., is full of energy and enthusiasm and seems like it was crafted purely to have as much fun as they can, for themselves and their listeners.

Chin Up Kid, a song about a breakup starts the album off right setting up a nice quick pace and a good vibe to let the listener know just what they are in for.  Keep Calm keeps it going and is a much better song than the first.  Nice to Meet You, Kick It! and Playing With Fire are good songs, but don’t really standout too much though they keep the record moving along.

Nikki is the eponymous song named after a girl that many albums have and seems to be a staple in the punk scene that many bands like to do.  Blink 182, the Ramones, the Ataris, Matchbook Romance and even the Misfits have songs named for the fairer sex, so why not Forever the Sickest Kids?

Count on Me (For Nothing) is the kind of song that you can picture the crowds singing along to at concerts while My Friends Save Me is an acoustic-like song that many listeners will find pleasing and breaks up the album by dropping the beat down a few notches.  The beginning of Ritalin (Born in America) is annoying but eventually turns out to be a pretty good tune.  La La Lainey seems like a song that was just thrown in to fill the album out which is to say it is not terrible, but it is far from the best song on the album. Finally, Cross My Heart closes the album out in stride about changing but never doing so.

Featuring eleven songs that on the whole make up a very enjoyable way to spend forty minutes, you cannot go wrong here.  There is nothing here that is groundbreaking or even anything altogether different from other bands such as Blink 182, Bowling for Soup or even Lagwagon but that does not really matter if you are listening to this band.  What you get is a youthful exuberance that is infectious and lively.  Forever the Sickest Kids would be a group that would be great in concert if this album is anything to go by.  Cannot wait to see what is in store for them on the next record.

4 out of 5

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