Mind Capsules – For September the 18th

Iron: Or the War After (Archaia)

An incredibly beautiful book, painted with what seems as much heart and passion as the author could pour into it.  The problem was that it was lacking story wise.  Books that are sparse word-wise and told more through art is fine, but it seemed like there was dialog missing, or scenes or some pieces of the story that were just not there.  It made for a very disjointed read even though it was a visual feast.  If the script had lived up to the art, this book would have been perfect.

2.5 out of 5

Scars (Avatar)

An emotionally powerful book by Warren Ellis about loss, revenge and fear and what happens when confronted with loss.  He plays up all those feelings in the book through the characters and makes it a completely empathetic story.  It is like watching an episode of Law and Order SVU on paper, though more powerful and packing a stronger punch.  If you like cops and you like crime and grittiness – this book is for you.

4.5 out of 5

Nightside #1-4 (Marvel)

Great little mini-series from the 1990s set in the supernatural side of the Marvel Universe.  You got monsters; you have a hot monster hunter, great writing and great art.  A standalone little story to satiate your supernatural cravings.  Great stuff!

4 out of 5

Masks #1-8 (Dynamite)

Chris Roberson, Alex Ross and Dennis Calero knock this series out of the park.  Great mini-series about some of the best pulp figures from history teaming up to battle a home-grown threat on U.S. soil bent on changing things for the ‘supposed’ better.  The Phantom, Miss Fury, Black Terror, Zorro, the Green Hornet, Kato, the Spider, the Green Lama and the Black Bat are all present in this book filled with suspense and action at every turn.  The writing from Roberson is spot on while the art from Ross and Calero is quite fantastic and puts our heroes in the best light.  The Shadow is menacing in his single-mindedness while the other heroes do their thing.  The Hornet is great to see teaming up with others and anything with the Black Terror is great.  Fantastic series, highly recommended.

4.5 out of 5

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