The Sundering of Falcón

While investigating a case with aspects of torture Chief Inspector Falcón does not realize that it is only the beginning of a downward spiral.  Little does he know that his life is soon to be turned inside out as everything that he has known will turn out to be a lie.

The good thing about this show than others before it, specifically Broadchurch and procedurals like it, is that the protagonist does not start out a damaged man, but becomes one through a chain of events.  It is interesting to watch because as the investigation goes on, Falcón is in actuality investigating himself and becoming the architect of his own downfall.

There is nothing more compelling than a damaged protagonist.  They engage you more so than a person who has nothing to hide.  It was essential that Chief Inspector Falcón become one through whatever means and the writers accomplished this perfectly.  A character that is squeaky clean can be engaging but is harder to empathize with over the course of a series than someone who has been previously hurt or will be hurt in some way.  Falcón started out the former and became the latter and the series was the better for it.

Marton Csokas was perfectly cast as Javier Falcón.  Even though he has had many roles over his career, he is essentially an unknown which worked great for the show.  His portrayal was riveting to see as he got deeper and deeper into the investigation.  The anguish he depicts seems genuine and one can only wonder what the inspiration was for him to channel such grief.  It would be hard to picture anyone else in the role after his performance.

Falcón is not the greatest cop show out there.  There are many that are superior to it, but it is quite entertaining in many respects.  It would be great to see a second series and just where they could take it, especially after the ending that was offered up.  If it does remain a standalone, then it can be proud of what it achieved – a great British series set in Spain with intriguing characters and a captivating storyline.

4 out of 5

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